The Republic of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde). 

The country you may have never heard of, Know where cabo Verde is?  Off the coast of West Africa (approximately 300 miles west of Dakar, Senegal) the country is comprised of ten (10) major islands (nine (9) inhabited) with the capitol (Praia) being located on the island of Sanitago.   Once a Portuguese colony they gained independence in 1975.  It is one of the most stable representative democracies in the world, but with a lack of natural resources it continues as a developing country and has been hit hard since the 2007 worldwide economic downturn and the most recent drought.

The population of Cabo Verde is approximately 500,000 with 55% living on Santiago island and half of that population living in the capitol of Praia.  Some estimates are that twice as many Cape Verdeans live outside its borders mainly in the North Eastern United States and Europe.

working through local leaders & Organizations:  Challenges are seen in the country’s geographic isolation and transportation links between islands resulting in unequal development and disparities with the rural areas being the hardest hit. 

Cabo Verde doesn't make the news due to its isolation and stability, but they still need your help today!


Porto Mosquito, Santiago, Cabo Verde

We are currently focusing our efforts in the fishing village of Porto Mosquito: Located on the Island of Santiago.  It is literally and figuratively an end of the road fishing village.  Many of the pictures on thatothersmayRISE.org are of Porto Mosquito.  We had recently visited Porto Mosquito with a young man who was raised there and is now attending a university near Praia.  This young man comes back to mentor other children through youth sports.  His and our goal is to build capacity through mentoring and by providing the basic needs of education and helping others to see opportunity today and tomorrow.  He lives above the church with several other young men and we plan to assist with his university education. 

The adults of Porto Mosquito are industrious, friendly, and proud.  The children are active, friendly and very outgoing.  They welcomed us with big grins and the girls and boys were excited to show off their soccer skills, all barefooted of course. 

Our objectives are to start a preschool education center and to mentor young men and women on the opportunities that are available to them through education and learning other skill sets, such as business development with a focus on women entrepreneurship, cosmetology, home care, etc..  Fishing is the main enterprise of Porto Mosquito and is a good job, but fishing is limited to supply and market demand.  Those who can't fish, have little hope for other opportunities, many turn to alcohol and pregnancy.

Why Cabo Verde, Fogo and Santigao?  Cabo Verde is a stable and democratic country, but one that most people have not heard of until maybe now or if you are from there.  They have very limited strategic resources, so the world pays them little attention.  And that is the point, Cabo Verde is stable and working to stay that way.  Give them a helping and lifting hand to keep them strong and independent.   Don't wait for crisis!  Act now so That Others May Rise!

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