Federally Recognized 501(c)3 Charity - Donation Tax Deductible By law

Providing opportunity to enable individuals to rise above poverty (esteem and social) and Serving our Veterans

One hundred percent (100%) of your donation that we receive goes to helping those in need.  All administrative costs are paid by the founders and no administrative persons, directors, or founders are paid.  

We started as a single family helping others where we could, one individual, one group, or one crisis at a time.  We are now reaching to others to expand our mission and calling. 


A globally recognized foundation working to mitigate uncertainty and risk through opportunity, faith, education and support to guide and enable individuals, their families, and communities to rise.


Providing opportunity through faith (spiritual and individual), financial support, guidance, training, and education to enable individuals to rise above missed opportunities, poverty (esteem, environmental and social) and to become productive members and leaders of the community.  That Others May Rise:

Hope must come with faith and opportunity, otherwise it is just a wish.
— That Others May Rise


  • ConsistencySupport that flows from one individual to another working with and through the community.

  • Relevance: Actions are real and sustainable to the individual and the community to face their challenges today and tomorrow.   

  • Agility: Be innovative, robust, resilient, and responsive to the community, the individual, and adaptable to changing and emerging situations. 

    Accountability: Ensure efforts and results are an effective return of investment for the stage of the individual, community, and the organization development.

We operate through faith; faith in God, communities, and the individual.  We will work based on Christian principles to provide avenues and reaching out to others to make positive choices in life.  Individual Christian faith is not a mandate to receive assistance or to take advantage of the opportunities presented by us or to be a part of our organization.  Our determination of an individual’s or group's ability and/or intent to make positive choices paves the way for a lifting hand.  Our success is reaching out to provide opportunity to others to mitigate and overcome obstacles and barriers that may stand in the way.  It is who we are and what we will always remember: It begins with you…to rise above to help others to take the chance…That Others May Rise.