2019 Cabo Verde and US Veterans

Looking Back to Move Forward (2016 to 2019)


a.       PORTO MOSQUITO:   In the poor fishing village of Porto Mosquito the focus is on developing preschools to ensure: healthy meals for children; develop great habits; provide a safe environment; create opportunity for adults to work while their children are cared for; and generate jobs for young women and men.  We talked to young women now employed as teachers and assistants where there was no hope before this opportunity; for many it was a dream that is now a reachable reality.  One young woman cried as she talked about how she is now a teacher like her mother, something she thought would never happen. 

2019:  Continue to support and sustain the preschool program to provide reassurance that there is hope.  Look to enhance medical availability through other partners for Porto Mosquito. 

What Can You Do?  Give a gift of $10, $25, $50, $100, whatever you can do; give monthly automatically; Change their tomorrow by your gift today. DONATE

b.      DROUGHT ASSISTANCE: We provided assistance to over 50 families through our partners in Cabo Verde.  The fall / winter rains were much less than expected and the drought continues and the economic effects on rural families will last for years to come.  Many families will continue to have their income cut in half to less than $50 a month.

2019:  Provide continued drought assistance and look to other avenues to support those in need.

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c.       EZ (Elmer & Zizi) SCHOLARSHIP:  Initiated a scholarship program for young people to lift themselves out of poverty in Cabo Verde.  Many families, especially with a female head of household live off of less than $100 a month.  A college or trade school education / apprenticeship will lead to a better and brighter future for individuals and the country as a whole. 

2019:  Continue expanding the program with a focus on obtaining sponsors for individual young people annually to ensure a sustained effort.  Apply for grants and look to broaden for US students when financially feasible.  Note: a CV university student cost is approximately $1200 for one year of college.  A US community college student average cost annually is $5,000 and a four-year college / university is $15,000 plus.

What Can you Do?  Provide any gift amount, if able commit to sponsor a young adult with a tax-deductible donation of $1200 annually (for 1 year of college); give $100 automatically monthly. Provide an opportunity for a young's child future today! DONATE

2.      VETERANS

a.      JOB SEEKING:  Produced and published, cover letter, resume and interviewing checklists and guidance for individuals to be used when job hunting.

2019: Increase awareness to veterans looking for work and continue to update. 

What Can You Do?  Spread the word for others to use the information with no cost, obligation, or personnel information sharing.  Provide us feedback to update the information we have on file. JOB INFO

b.      JOB COUNSELING: Provided counseling for work opportunities and the required preparation required to be hired into new positions.

2019: Provide counseling as needed and look to other ways to assist veterans when it comes to obtaining good jobs.

What Can you Do?  Spread the word for others to use our services, email (founder.director@thatothersmayrise.org) or call 540-538-4674.  Absolutely zero costs, ever!!!!  Provide us inputs on what we have on the site.

c.       BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT:   Produced guidance on twelve (12) things to think about when Starting a Business: Bridging the Gap. 

2019:  Monitor, refer and engage as required.

What Can you Do?  Spread the word for others to use the information, no cost, no obligation or identity is required. Provide us inputs on what we have on the site. BUSINESS

d.  HEALTHCARE AND BENEFITS:  Engaged with the VA Secretary highlighting issues in the VA system and provided specific steps required to fix accountability in the system; the #1 issue within the VA system. 

2019:  While the VA response was less than stellar, we will continue to engage at all levels to ensure accountability is in action and not just words.

What Can You Do?  Continue to engage with the VA; Support Veteran Groups. Push for sustained accountability; and ensure they match dollars with care.

e. TRANSITIONS: Provided thoughts and viewpoints on transitioning from the service.

2019: Continue to update and push awareness of the thing to think about before and after leaving the service.

What Can You Do? Provide your viewpoint; if separating or retiring understand you have served honorably, you have done your best, and work even harder in setting up your future. If you know someone separating or retiring provide encouragement and support for their next journey.

f.  SUICIDE AWARENESS:  Increased efforts to raise awareness on suicide and ways to engage with those with feelings of suicide. 

2019:  Continue to engage on suicide awareness; promote avenues for continuous Responsiveness; and provide thought-provoking articles to promote discussion and awareness.

What Can You Do?  Know the numbers of help lines (1-800-273-8255), don’t be afraid to talk to others about suicide, reach out to someone in need…read articles about SUICIDE.

g:  PTSD:  This is a new area for us to discuss and promote more awareness. In 2019 we plan to encourage education and provide thoughts on PTSD treatment to advocate for exploration, discussion and responsiveness.

What can You Do? Educate yourself on PTSD and stay tuned here.create