A Day of Memorial

The Missing & The Fallen

Pause, hear the silence, reflect of those endlessly gone

A new day breaks, I lay quiet in the early morning dawn

My story, there isn’t really much to tell,

I rest, unpretentious, exactly where I fell

Scared, frightened and brave, I still served

My memory I hope will forever be preserved

My sacrifice, my life, muted for an eternity

I am at peace, my spirit is filled with serenity

On this day of memorial, I lay in a solemn restful peace

My loved ones know not, their wondering will never cease

The die was cast, my fate may long be sown

I am one, the one they say, MIA status unknown

I knew the cost, like many who never saw home

I am the missing, the fallen resting in some faraway loam

Today, my family, my comrades, my sister, my brother

Will ponder, weep, reflect and hold close to one another

Tomorrow will rise, I rest still, as their rest may never come

Remember me, remember my loved ones, hear the beat of the incessant drum

Forever listening to the Angels singing their sweet melody

The rhythm of the calling of honor, sacrifice and fidelity