What 2018 Holds?

Where will be heading in 2018?  What we can answer for certain is that we will continue to march forward in faith and look to God for answers and listen for God's guidance and directed path.  What we believe in our hearts is to follow our principles of:

Consistency:  Support that flows from one individual to another working with and through the community.

Relevance:  Actions and support are real and sustainable to the individual and the community to help them face their challenges today and tomorrow.  

Agility: Be innovative, robust, resilient, and responsive to the community, the individual, and adaptable to changing and emerging situations. 

Accountability: Ensure efforts and results are an effective return of investment for the stages of the individual, community, and the organizational development.

Combine that with our faith we will look to assist those organizations and individuals that are taking a chance to help others and to help themselves rise above their present circumstances.  Areas we are exploring for future endeavors are:

  • Strengthening our ability to respond to emerging situations, building a response mechanism and resources that don't duplicate other efforts

  • Focusing increased efforts in Porto Mosquito, Santiago, Cabo Verde

  • Assessing our ability and the need to focus on other areas, dependent on funds and resources. 

  • Continued support of the Pararescue foundation, started by the founders.

We look forward to sharing the news and how you have helped others,  THANKS, That Others May Rise!