#One Less Pie

#One Less Pie.

CABO VERDE DROUGHT CONDITIONS!  That Others May Rise is supporting Liga Nazarena De Solidariedade / Nazarene Solidarity League (A recognized NGO-NonGovernmental Organization) in their campaign ‘I Want To Help’  to provide relief to the rural areas of the country of Cabo Verde that are affected by a severe drought.  It is estimated that over 17,200 households or roughly 25% of the entire country’s population will be adversely affected by this drought.  Along with Nazarene Solidarity League we will be concentrating our efforts to raise money to focus on the families! The objectives will be on nutritional needs for families through immediate distribution of food and for the mid-term creating a food bank of non-perishable food for distribution throughout the drought.

#ONE LESS PIE (we have nothing against desert). As we look to our Thanksgiving in the United States, consider reaching out to others in their time of need; they will be thankful and you will be enriched.  While we pray and hope families in the US celebrate Thanksgiving with thankfulness, happiness and cheer, think about maybe this year one less meat on the table, one less pie, maybe one less helping and donate that saved money so That Others May Rise and celebrate the thankfulness others will feel for bread and rice for their families during these hard times.

Our ultimate goal is to raise $50 (US) per stricken family per month for at least 10 months.  We have a huge task at hand, and we know the everyone has a big heart when it comes to helping those in need! Please Share this Post.

YOUR $50 can feed a family for a Month, during this Crisis.