Elmer & Zizi (EZ) Scholarship

That Others May Rise is announcing the Elmer – Zizi (EZ) Scholarship Program to initially focus efforts on children and young adults in Cabo Verde with a long-range goal of providing educational opportunities and a lifting hand to many in the United States.  So why the Elmer-Zizi Scholarship Program and what’s in a name?

First the easy part as the old saying goes, age before beauty, so Elmer before Zizi.   Elmer and Zizi, different names in of themselves, two diverse individuals with totally disparate backgrounds from dissimilar cultures, but very similar in their actions.   Elmer and Zizi believe(d) in dreams coming through hard work and commitment.  Elmer Miller born in the United States, served in the US Navy, raised a family of three as a Pennsylvania steel worker, and was always there to lend a helping hand, a symbol of freedom, commitment, sacrifice and dedication to all who knew him as a friend, neighbor, brother, uncle, father, grandfather, and great grandfather.  Zizi or Maria Mendes, born in Brava and raised in Fogo, Cabo Verde, immigrated to the US, raised a family of three while working in the Massachusetts textile factories, learned English and became a US citizen and is always there to lend a helping hand, a symbol of freedom, commitment, sacrifice and dedication who know her as sister, aunt, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.  Both represent the compassion of people, both are images of hard work, both are icons for humanity, both are more alike than they were ever different.  Elmer is no longer with us physically on this earth and Zizi continues to bless us with her devotion to others every day.

They represent what the EZ Scholarship program strives to do, to help others move themselves ahead, through faith, hope, opportunity and hard work.  Don’t be confused that the EZ means ‘easy’ as the path was never easy for either Elmer or Zizi.  Both overcame periods of struggle not knowing for sure what tomorrow may bring for themselves or their families.  Both never graduated high school, but learned what they needed to know to thrive and to help others to rise.  They had opportunity and seized it and this now the opportunity to pass that help That Others May Rise

Our goals: 

1.       Provide tuition, mentoring and hope to as many Cabo Verde trade or higher-level learning students per year as possible, but with an initial goal of ten (10) students – Annual estimated cost - $1400 per student.  Note:  future expansion to the United States will planned, but funding costs can easily be ten times that of Cabo Verde

2.       Encourage growth and provide the capability for others to provide for themselves, their families, and improve their local community.

3.       Provide opportunity to enable individuals to become productive members and leaders of the community.  

What Can You Do:

1.       Give what you can, every $5 helps.

Shop on Amazon Smile http://smile.amazon.com/ch/81- 4035081 and Amazon donates to That Others May Rise Inc.

2.       If able consider sponsoring a young adult with a scholarship.  Have a group of your friends or club provide sponsorship.

3.       Pray for God’s Will.